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Double Fortune - Garden Stool | The Ivory Company

Double Fortune - Garden Stool

Item number: C120000233
Availability: In-stock.
Price: $200.00
A traditional design with modern appeal. This garden stool makes a perfect addition to your living space as a casual seat, side table, or clustered together to be used as a coffee table. White ceramic with a high-gloss finish.

These exquisitely crafted pieces are a lovely way to accent your home. Inspired by different classic oriental styles these garden stools have become a modern day art form. These stools come in a large variety of styles and colors. We have selected ours for the distinctive design aesthetics they portray and the overall sense of scale and drama that they seem to convey.

Enjoy these in and out of the house - they are wonderful accent pieces and go well with all types of decor.

Measures 12x11.5"H
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